Geelong's Creative Potential – a Manifesto

  • Creative Geelong Manifesto
  • Photograph by Samuel Zeller

Geelong has changed in the last four years, and the creative industries sector – the people, their work and their commitment to Geelong – are playing no small part.

This Manifesto aims to share the experiences of Creative Geelong and bring together the community to focus on supporting the creative industries sector through the lens of the following opportunities:

  • Telling Our Story
  • Central Geelong
  • Including Everyone
  • Connections and Collaborations
  • Measuring Impact
  • Future of Work

This Manifesto for Geelong's Creative Potential aims to help show how Geelong can support its creative sector and build a sustainable creative community. These are the first steps to share our stories of collaboration and encourage the community to embrace the social and economic impacts of a booming creative sector.

Click here to read Geelong's Creative Potential – a Manifesto.

October 2018