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Moosh the Hobo Cat, live rehearsal 2023

About Us

Creative Geelong Inc. is a not-for-profit Djilang/Geelong based membership arts organisation. Working with and supporting creatives at every stage of their journey, Creative Geelong provides accessible spaces and tenancies in Geelong’s city centre, as well as programs and events for emerging and under-represented artists.

Established in 2015, Creative Geelong is part of a rich local arts and creative industries ecosystem and collaborates with individual creatives, local communities, all levels of government. 

Creative Geelong’s annual events include the May’d Festival celebrating art, music, food, and the community transforming Central Geelong into a vibrant hub of creativity.

In 2022, Geelong’s creative and cultural industries are slowly recovering from the effects of the Covid pandemic. There are pleasing signs which show an ongoing commitment to creative practice and to wider support for the cultural sector.

Throughout the last seven years since our inception, our organisation has reflected and adapted to changing economic, cultural and social growth in our region by building communities, networks and projects that ensure there is a place for emerging and under-represented creative ideas and people.

Today, we work alongside larger community and cultural organisations to ensure that the voices of creatives are valued and amplified and to provide a pipeline of skilled and adaptive people who can confidently proceed to forge meaningful careers and interactions with the creative industries.


For a deeper dive about Creative Geelong, download more information:

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